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Is it better to cold bond or hot bond the silicone seal into a ring?

How are silicone seals bonded into rings? Some of the silicone rings sold on the market look unattractive and do not stretch well, while some are beautiful and will not deform in long term use, and will not crack no matter how they are torn? Why is there such a big difference between the same seal?

In fact, this is mainly related to the adhesive bonding glue and production process, the general silicone seal after extrusion molding is in accordance with customer-specific requirements to bonding, silicone products manufacturers know that the bonding process has hot and cold bonding distinction, although it is a simple bonding, but do not be sloppy.

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"Cold bonding" requires the operator to modulate the glue according to a certain proportion of the formula, and then squeeze out some glue onto a clean white cloth, and then take the two ends of the seal that has been cut and stick a little glue on it (note that the glue should not be too much to prevent overflow on the surface of the product, and not too little to prevent the product from sticking firmly), after sticking the glue directly onto the fixture, the two ends will be aligned to advance the two ends of the bonding firm.

Using cold bonding technology, the operator needs to grasp properly, when bonding neither too hard to press the product, nor too light to stick, because if too hard, the glue will stick to the fixture, too light and easy to cause the product to stick or product gaps. Cold bonding cost is relatively low most of the silicone products in the requirements are not high when you will choose cold bonding, cold bonding shortcomings: because the whole process is manual operation, sticky products out of the glue adsorption too much and affect the beauty of the product itself, the tension is not enough.

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Hot glue: the same as cold glue modulation, but the formula is not the same, the operator will glue the product into the special hot glue machine, the use of human foot control to make the two ends of the bonding firm, do not need to use manual to grasp the strength, but also need to control the amount of glue. Using hot gluing, the production capacity of the product can be increased, and the products glued out are more beautiful. However, the glue of "hot bonding" formula is costly and needs to be frozen in the refrigerator.