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Water treatment butterfly valve common failure analysis

To control fluid pipelines, butterfly valves are needed. Butterfly valve can cut off or connect the flow of medium in the pipeline. It can be said that butterfly valves are widely used in our daily life. There are many kinds of butterfly valves, and butterfly valve is one of them. Today we mainly introduce the content of water treatment butterfly valve. Analysis of common faults and causes of water treatment butterfly valves.

Double Flange Eccentric Butterfly Valve Supplier

Butterfly valves will have various failures after a period of operation in the pipe network. One, related to the number of parts that make up the butterfly valve, more parts are more common failures. Two, it is related to the design, manufacture, installation, working condition operation and maintenance of the butterfly valve. In general, the common failures of non-power actuated valves are broadly divided into four categories.

1.1 Damage and rupture of the valve body.

Reasons for valve body damage and rupture:Decline in corrosion resistance of butterfly valve material; settlement of pipeline foundation; large changes in pressure or temperature difference of pipeline network; water hammer; improper operation of closing butterfly valve. External factors should be promptly excluded and the same type of valve or butterfly valve should be replaced.

1.2 Transmission device failure.

Transmission device failure is often manifested as valve stem stuck, inflexible operation or butterfly valve can not be operated. The reasons are as follows: butterfly valve rust after long-term closure; improper installation and operation damage to the stem thread or stem nut; gate is stuck in the valve body by foreign objects; gate is often in a half-open and half-closed state, due to water force or other impact, the stem screw and stem nut misalignment, loosening, bite; packing is pressed too tightly, holding the stem; the stem is topped or stuck by the closing parts.

1.3 Butterfly valve opening and closing bad.

Butterfly valve opening and closing bad performance for the butterfly valve can not open or close, butterfly valve can not work properly. The reasons are: the stem is rusted; the gate is stuck or the gate is closed for a long time and rusted; the gate falls off; foreign objects are stuck in the sealing surface or sealing groove; the transmission parts are worn and blocked. In the above cases, maintain and lubricate the transmission parts; repeatedly open and close the butterfly valve and impact foreign objects with water; replace the butterfly valve.

Daily management of water treatment butterfly valve.

Accidents due to poor manufacturing quality, poor management, misuse and other reasons are not uncommon. Some major malignant accidents in the world are caused by butterfly valve accidents. Therefore, it is imperative to strengthen the management of butterfly valves.

2.1 Technical data management.

The technical data of butterfly valve mainly includes national standards and related standards, butterfly valve factory manual, quality certificate, butterfly valve installation and construction drawings, butterfly valve maintenance records, butterfly valve daily management card and butterfly valve change records, etc. The complete and complete technical data of butterfly valve can be half the effort at the critical moment, understand in daily maintenance and replace the aging butterfly valve in time.

2.2 Quality management.

It includes butterfly valve quality assurance system, comprehensive quality management, test pressure acceptance system, quality control points, personal responsibility system and handover records.

2.3 Butterfly valve maintenance management.

It includes the project, content, period, performance parameters, acceptance criteria, maintenance plan, completion and maintenance records, etc.

2.4 Management of use files.

It includes butterfly valve type and specification, working pressure, working temperature, medium and flow direction, factory number, manufacturer and equipment pipeline name number, major repair records and valve replacement records.